Odoo Consulting Services

Odoo is famous for its effectiveness as well as the simplicity of implementation, especially for SMEs. Onnet Consulting Australia understands that, to effectively deploy Odoo, it is necessary for Odoo consultants to coordinate right solutions
and modules for each  business case.

01. Odoo Customization

With Odoo's diverse module ecosystem, choosing the right modules to meet each specific requirement is the mission of Odoo Consultants. Here comes four Odoo apps categories:

  • Sales and CRM Customizations
  • Websites Customizations
  • POS Customization
  • Accounting and Invoice Customization

02. Odoo Implementation

Odoo implementation is challenging. So, it’s better to choose the right expertise. Our Odoo implementation includes four stages below:

  • Evaluation
  • Planning 
  • Configuration 
  • Data migration

03. Odoo Hosting

If you are going to use the paid version of Odoo - Odoo Enterprise, you are entitled to the official hosting service from Odoo, including Odoo Online or Odoo.sh. Both of these options provide reliable hosted ERP solutions for small and medium businesses. Onnet will help you choose the suitable one for your business.

04. Odoo Integration

Setup Integration to connect Odoo with other services as a result of the permission for the users of the platform running the business operation with ease. As your Odoo consultants, we suggest suitable applications for each business requirement as well as particularly check and assess the existing systems with four significant Odoo integration services:

  • Odoo Accounting Integration
  • Odoo eCommerce Integration
  • Odoo CMS Integration
  • Other Odoo Integration

05. Odoo Migration
Odoo Migration is a key process during version upgrades, which helps improve operational efficiency, performance and reliability.

06. IoT Integration
Onnet Consulting can help merge this data with Odoo so that your business can quickly and accurately monitor and analyze data.

A retail business navigated 
business during Covid-19 with Odoo

A 65-year family business mainly focuses on the high-end market. As a growing enterprise as well as having complex products, they have some difficulties using several individual software systems.

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Our team

Functional Consultants
They are connectors between Onnet and customers for successful implementation.
Technical Consultants
Our technical consultants have many experiences building large-scale Odoo ERP solution architectures for many large, high-availability enterprises on multiple servers.
Business Advisors
With a team of experts from many countries around the world, with experience and multi-disciplinary expertise will help give businesses a comprehensive, holistic view that is feasible for innovation.

Common Questions

What versions of Odoo do you support?
We support all major versions of Odoo, including the latest version 15.

Is it easy to upgrade plans?
Our team will manage and support all full upgrade process. An additional pay may be needed. 

Having many existing systems, is it easy for me to integrate?
It is not easy, but we can help. You just need to check what those systems are doing and understand what problems are.  Integration and interfaces is often the most complex aspect of a project and if we can have everything integrated into the Odoo platform it keeps the costs affordable and time-scales shorter.

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Onnet is ready to advise on options that suit the needs of customers to avoid unnecessary costs of customization.


Onnet is responsible for implementing and deciding on designed solutions to optimize time and maximize customer benefits.


Deliver completed solutions of all business flows and 80% of expected features just in a few weeks.