Onnet Odoo Implementation Methodology

Onnet Consulting has accompanied Odoo from OpenERP 6 to Odoo Enterprise 15, committed to helping businesses
successfully deploy ERP on the Odoo Enterprise platform successfully with affordability.

Keep the solution as
STANDARD as possible

Deliver as FAST
as possible

Keep the implementation

04 Main Challenges
for businesses when do the ERPs Implementations

01. Integration
No dynamic update
Double encoding

02. Communication
Take a lot of time
No central channel

03. Customization
& Integration

Complex processes

04. Become an enterprise 4.0
Choose the right technology

For a successful project

01. Responsibilities Performed 

  •  Project management: By Onnet Consulting. The top priority is to ensure the project is always on schedule with the most optimal budget.
  • Customers need to identify their business needs (Answering the "Why" and "What" questions). Then, the solution to meet these needs is determined by the way the product is used through us - Onnet Consulting (Answering "How").
  • With  the main product of Odoo implementation consulting service and related solutions, all customers' interests are always the top priority and worth the cost.

02. The process is optimized

  • Procedures and documents are quick, convenient and accurate.
  • Decision making is a top priority.
  • Limited customization or development of specific features.
  • Effective remote-working plan, just onsite if needed (Training, changing in management plans, etc.).

03. The project manager

A project manager is the key of success when deploying any projects. Onnet aims to focus on training talents experienced on project management. Moreover, top experts from Onnet Consulting, even if they are not in charge of any projects, can review and support the work of project managers at key steps (available in deployment packages).

The process of Odoo implementation

Onnet provides basic solutions that covers all business flows and 80% of the features expected in a few weeks and does not last up to a month.

Sales - Business Consulting

Qualification; Budget proposals; ROI & GAP Analysis; Project kick-off

Project - Implementation

Design; Validation, Training, etc.;
Go Live


Functional & Technical supports

Details Odoo project implementation process according to Onnet implementation methodology

06 Main Industries

Banking & Finance

Distribution & Trading

Retail & eCommerce


Real Estate

Service & Logistic

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